Apostolos Beligiannis

Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Ioannina,
Greece (1995).
Curriculum Vitae

Contact Information:  Department of MathematicsUniversity of Ioannina,
                                           GR - 45110  Ioannina,  Greece.
                                           Office: 409 δ' (4th floor), Math Department Building
                                           Email:  abeligia   at   cc.uoi.gr.
                                           Phone: +30 26510 08227
                                           Fax:     +30 26510 08203.

Research Interests

Διδασκαλία (2014-2015)

Διδασκαλία (2013-2014)

Διδασκαλία (2012-2013)

Διδασκαλία (2011-2012)

Seminar [Section of Algebra and Geometry]

Seminar [Department]

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